Andrew Jarecki

Andrew Jarecki

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Andrew Jarecki Secretly Recorded Conversation With Witness

A witness interviewed for Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, Conviction Integrity Review: People v. Jesse Friedman, reported director Andrew Jarecki had covertly recorded his conversation during a prior discussion.  The right of privacy for the victims and families involved in this case has been abused by Andrew Jarecki, for his own benefit in the production of his film and to gain media attention.

In the report, the witness stated to the filmmakers of Capturing the Friedmans, including Andrew Jarecki, explicitly that although he did not recall personally being abused, he knew others were abused:
" 'stuff really did happen,' the witness said, and added that pornography was present in the classroom. And Witness 14 also balked at participating in an attempt to exonerate Jesse Friedman: 'I’m certainly not, not going to sit there and let Jesse Friedman off the hook for what . . . he did to people that I know about.' "
In wanting to uphold his protection and privacy, the witness stated that he had not informed his family about his involvement in the case.  But when the witness learned that his previous conversation with Capturing the Friedmans director had been recorded and used for the film, he was upset that he had been tricked and his privacy violated by Andrew Jarecki.

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